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Keep Metal Alive with These Tips

If you love metal, then you’re probably upset about the fact that it’s popularity is fading. Metal has always been niche, but there used to be pride associated with the genre. Now, your band probably has to struggle to maintain a consistent metal image that shows fans who you really are and that you’re not willing to compromise just because everyone else says so. It can be frustrating to watch as old metal bands try to change their ways to fit in. If you’re still sticking to your authenticity and are not willing to budge, then you might need some suggestions on how to keep metal alive.

This article has some tips that you and your band can take into consideration this coming year as you play shows, record new songs, and live the metal lifestyle, showing people it’s never going to die out.


If it was hard to find metal clothing in the 90s, imagine how hard it is now. You and your band probably want to keep the image alive. That means you’ll need to find real metal clothing, not just plain black T-shirts. It can be hard to find stores that still sell metal clothing. You might want to consider checking online. Online retailers have all kinds of clothing, and you’re almost always guaranteed to find something you like.


What’s your preference? If you like leather, studs, bloody writing, chains, and other metal accessories, you’ll need to order online. Try looking for a retailer that sells alternative clothing that fits your metal look. Most mainstream clothing outlets don’t care about metalheads anymore. However, plenty of smaller shops can make custom metal clothes that accent your music.


Even musical instrument stores don’t have the variety they used to. Just remember, black is and always has been cool. If you’re looking for a guitar, you probably want to get a black or gray guitar. Metal uses low tunings, as you probably already know. Try looking for a seven or eight string guitar to make playing in dropped tunings easier for you. There might be a few of these guitars at your local music store, but the chances are that you might need to order something online.

Stick to the classic drum brands. These brands make heavy hitting metal drums that accent your bass and guitar perfectly. You might want to consider a double kick pedal for your kick drum for extra fast parts in your songs. If your sound is more classic, you probably just need a single pedal and some great drumming shoes.


If you’re an authentic metal band, your fans will be authentic too. This means they want merchandise that showcases your sound, attitude, and style without compromising toward modern fashion. Try looking for a merchandise retailer that can make your album artwork into a black T-shirt that fans can wear to your next show.

If you want to customise your merchandise further and want it to look like the clothes you wear, try going back to the place you get your metal clothing and ask if they can make something custom that you can sell to your fans.