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Giving Away Corporate Gifts: There are Things you Have to Consider First

The majority of business gifts are offered to major clients. After this come potential clients and employees. Reasons to give gifts include thank long-standing customers and recognize a valued worker. However, the basic reason is affirming relationships and improving the personal connection between you and the recipient.

Gifts differ from incentives as they are given without explicit preconditions for performance. They are not like ad specialities since they do not have any blatant advertising or imprints. They differ from recognition since they are not part of prescribed programs. However, this does not mean that there is no bottom-line benefit from giving corporate gifts. For a number of companies, this gesture is part of their marketing approach. And gift giving is a cost-effective means to build a sense of partnership with their valued associates.


Knowing the Ethics of Giving

Before you give a gift, it is imperative to know first if the giving or receiving company has policies on gifts. Many companies like those in the insurance, financial services, medical and retail fields bar any gift. Ensure you ask your possible recipient if his company has a policy on receiving gifts and follow it accordingly to avoid rejection.

Understanding the Etiquette of Giving

In order to maximize the outcomes of your gift program, use finesse. When it comes to effective giving, there is an art so think about the following concerns before you buy gifts.

  • Appropriateness- Ensure you pick a gift which is appropriate to the kind of business relationship you have with the recipient. This is less related with the money value of the transacted business or the amount of time you do business with that recipient than with the relationship’s closeness.  When you have an excessively businesslike client, avoid trying to loosen him up with baubles. Never go too lavish or personal with your gift. In general, try to limit gift giving to special occasion and major holidays.
  • Personality- Sure, a gift with personality can be appreciated. However, the real problem is that whether the gift reflects the recipient’s interests and personality.  Is he into sports car? What is his favorite color? You need to know these types of things secretly to make the recipient feel you care about him.
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  • Presentation- Heart-felt corporate gifts are the best so ensure you show it. Take special care in preparing your corporate gift. Use nice wrapping paper and composed a personal, handwritten card. Remember that your message to your client conveys your sincerity and intentions. Also, you will have to decide whether to mail your gift or give it in person.
  • Customization- For a lot of businesses, customized corporate gifts from top corporate gift supplier in Singapore keep the name of the company in minds of those who will receive them. When you give out a practical item you can be sure it will be used everyday including tote bag, coffee mug and calendar. This amounts to free advertising every day. These items are likely to make good premiums in trade shows. However, it makes sense to avoid obvious self-promotion as you give expensive gifts.