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Five matte nail colors you need right now!

Matte is the new buzz word in the world of makeup, and if you are a nail art enthusiast, you need to have at least a few matte nail paints in your collection. The five essential colors that you need include black, coffee, red, pink and blue. Of course, there are endless variations to these shades, but for nail art requirements, these are just the basics. Also, if you already have glossy nail paints, you can check for clear matte top coat, which can mattify any paint or polish for further styling.

To work with matte nail paints, you also need unique ideas, for which you can check Ms Mee’s Matte Nails. Creativity is the key to getting great matte nail designs, and what works better is when you mix a range of elements, including glossy paints, rhinestones, studs, and even stencils. Check for designs and paint your nails like a pro!